Embodied Writing

Pen and paper meets body and soul.

Writing has, over the years, become my own personal go-to healing practice where words have come to express my emotions and stories have come to make sense of my experiences. Embodied writing is a practice where we go into the sensations and experiences of our body and formulate it into spoken and written word. The words act as bridges between our soul, body and mind and help us to express what we are experiencing. The way we write about ourselves, can in turn begin to shape the way we experience ourself and our life.

We combine body work such as breathwork, relaxation, body mind awareness to find the lost and hidden words inside of us. In these workshops I will guide you through creative exercises that can unleash the stories inside of you and help you see the path in front of you that you would like to take to strengthen your health.

1:1 session

1 session 85 €. It´s advisable to book a free discovery call before so we get to know each other

You can also contact me below for questions.

Example of writing exercise

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